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Since they are actually archived folders, the "meat" of any document will be stored in a directory or directories within the document packages.

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For instance, in a. You can then peer inside the expanded folder contents of a Word. The names are self-explanatory: Once you've found the appropriate file s , you can either open it in any text editor an manually strip the XML, or you can use a tool like downCast to convert it without great accuracy to a RTF rich-text format document that can be opened in Word v.

X or BBEdit , for instance, has a function that will strip most XML tags from documents, leaving plain text. Open the. According to its creators, the tool "strips out some of the formatting, but now supports bold, italic, and underlined text.

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Left, right, center, and justified alignment. Mac This problem was also present in an earlier version as well. This will create a PDF with active links. For Gillian: I never use the Save As command [too many keystrokes]. I press command P twice: If you are U.

How to Save or Convert Word Doc to PDF on Mac

In order for that requirement to be met, the pdf must contain properly structures tags which the Windows version of Word does add, but not the Mac version. You can then open that in Adobe Acrobat Pro and remediate the tags. Depending on the application, and how the document is authored, exporting to pdf instead of using the print to pdf option gives better results and sometimes even more exporting options such as outputting structure tags, bookmarks…. Take a look at the fourth post down in the link below for more on this: Yes you can select print, pdf lower left of print window save as pdf for anything.

I have tried all of the above and none are working? I have a brand new mac, running word please someone help.

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Awesomely explained. Thank you!

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    How to Open Apple Page Document in Microsoft Word [Convert .pages to .doc file]

    Enter your email address below: Posted by: Hamza Sheikh says: When you open a. Dan Gookin, author of Microsoft Word for Dummies which comes in both and versions agrees that, though it frustrates many users, the new format brings worthwhile benefits. And, he adds, "Because it's so flexible and upgradeable, I think they will stick with the.

    Workaround 1 Use the File/Open option to open the file

    Here are some strategies that may help, depending upon what version of Word you are using. The simplest way to cope with.

    Once it's installed, Office will open. Google Documents will open a. It's free, though you have to create a Google account. The current version of Open Office can open. With the release of Office scheduled for this summer, investing in Office makes little sense at this point. On the other hand, if you're curious, you can download a free beta version of Office to play with.