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It is ok with turning on MacBook Pro plugging in AC adapter, however, when you unplug the power cable, the MacBook screen will immediately go black and shut down. These four situations are not all about iMac screen changing black. But we can solve all of them with the following method. Also Read: When we encounter any one of above-mentioned situations, or others not mentioned about iMac screen going black, we can fix it with just three simple steps. And make sure of that the AC adapter is connected to Mac.

After stop pressing four keys, push power button to start Mac, and iMac screen will not go black. It is necessary to clean computer junk regularly, no matter you are a Window computer user or a Mac computer user.

SOLVED: My screen is going crazy at times - MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid - iFixit

I am well versed with WindowsXP and know nothing of Mac. I am scared and in panic.

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What has happened to my Mac? What should I do now? Thanks for any reply.

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  8. Attached Images vlcsnaph06m32s Originally Posted by ycl I guess let the apple genius bar handle this, you might be lucky to get a better replacement one, it is unfortunate to happen to you. The money you spent will be worth every single penny with apple experience.

    Do not give up hope. Originally Posted by suneel. I know this is what I have got to do.

    How to Fix iMac Screen Goes Black

    But this is such a big let down for a person who thought that he was escaping the Windows blue-screen. Most likely, because most of the othercards do work at the pre-set OC speeds. And rather than give you an RMA number and replacing a somewhat defective card, they rather just tell you to underclock the card Please Log In to post.

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    This topic is locked from further discussion. Looks like your card is dying. ATI card I'm I correct? Marfoo Follow Forum Posts: