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For a tablet I would definitely recommend a tempered glass screen protector as the screens surface area is much larger which increases the chances of it getting damaged. List Price: You Save: The GeChic is a premium product that satisfies the needs of individuals who require the quasi-portable solution to mobile desktop computing.

It admirably meets this requirement.

Software as a solution

The The size easily fits into my Dell computer bag. Making this work for the constant traveler as I am is to consider the exact application of this product. If known, it is a beautiful solution to a persistent problem of current USB-powered screens. I use it as a movable desktop when I travel, even though I may lug around a laptop. Although not as handy as a laptop, the experience, I believe, surpasses the laptop. Here are some tips on GeChic This monitor is sleek, light weight and responsive.

I bought this monitor to accompany a small desktop computer that runs an external sound card for a small bedroom music system. The graphic for the volume, equalizer and line in function is controlled right on the touch screen eliminating the need for keyboard and mouse. The 10 inch size of the monitor fits nicely on the nightstand. One of the features that inspired me to purchase the GeChic was the fact that the monitor works with Windows 7 and Windows 8. I am using Windows 8. I would recommend this relatively inexpensive monitor to my friends and family.

Only 10 left in stock - order soon. There are already a couple of in-depth reviews on this tablet that I've found to be accurate in my experience of this tablet monitor, so I won't go too deeply here this one in particular helped me to make the decision to buy: I'm using this on a computer I built running Mavericks, and haven't encountered any problems with software or drivers. Just make sure you uninstall any other tablet drivers I had to get rid of my trusty year-old Wacom Intuos 2 driver Even greater touch experience" - by Alon G.

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Great picture. Even greater touch experience.

Mac Compatible Touchscreen Monitor

Industrial grade. Parblo Coast10 Fowler Georgia. Art is really just a hobby for me, so I couldn't afford an expensive Wacom. The fact that a wacom this size is twice as much made me start looking for cheaper alternatives. I wanted quality, but was willing to accept that anything I could get for half the price of a Wacom would probably be half the quality. Basically I was prepared for this to be very cheap and to not work very well at all. I was pleasantly surprised. It is very lightweight, and I think a lot of people think light weight equals cheap.

They say "this feels cheaply made" just because it is light. I don't think it feels cheap however. When I am drawing on this it feels perfectly sturdy and I have no qualms with resting the weight of my arm on it while I draw. The pen I have evaluated this tablet and tested out this new model, and it is an excellent buy for the money. If you're just getting into to graphic design and are on a budget this is definitely the way to go.

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Mar 24, 9: Oddly enough I have exactly the same question, and for the same reasons so it's not as out of the norm as you thought May 15, 7: I have a similar need, but probably less complicated. I just want to hook my Mac mini up to a touchscreen monitor that has the proper drivers to work with the latest OSX.

I want something that can stand abuse and doesn't have compatibility problems, preferably something that comes in multiple sizes like 15 inch, 17, 21 etc. May 16, 1: I suspect most touch screens will not come with Mac drivers however the following site is for a company that produces third-party drivers including for the Mac.

See http: Some screens only support two-finger guestures e. You might want to check with the maker of the screen since OS X supports and uses 3 and 4 finger commands. May 16, 9: It's not the touchscreen I'm having trouble with. I've found a couple that will work.

Upgrade Your Mac With A Touchscreen, For Only A Dollar

My problem is I'm having trouble finding this "mouse emulator" that I've been looking for. When I say mouse emulator, I'm talking about pretty much taking the track pad and making a digital version of it and putting on the screen to use. In my head it seemed simple enough but I have yet to find something that fits my needs.

Only so far 2 people out of the almost 7 billion on this planet having this thought isn't out of the norm? I think that's the very definition.

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  6. May 17, Erik - I'm sorry I cannot help you. I remember hearing about a touchscreen that can handle track-pad-like gestures, but I'm not sure if that is what you want, and will have to dig around to find the link. In the meantime, can you help me? You stated you found a few compatible touchscreen monitors. I don't want to get into a situation where I have to have a custom driver built, if possible. I spoke to customer service for Planar and they said that this model should work as a normal touchscreen for Apple products.

    MAC OS X Touch Screen Compatibility with Tech Global's Evolution Series

    Thanks Eric. Wow that's pricey. We are only needing a 15 inch or so. Any other leads? That's all I have found so far. I believe they have smaller models as well.

    The case for a touchscreen Mac | Macworld

    That's just the size I was looking for and bookmarked. Aug 19, 9: Aug 20, 6: Also you say you haven't got multi-touch - is that because the screen you're using cannot support multi-touch, or because the driver doesn't support it? I'm using an 4 wire overlay that was purchased off eBay. No brand name associated with it. I believe the 4 wire models can support dual touch, by the driver descriptions that are available for Windows, but Mac drivers don't.

    Here is what I got. And drivers. Oct 28, 4: