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Apple doesn't allow apps that download videos from YouTube on the AppStore. Please use the purchase button on this webpage or directly within the app instead. I've lost my license. What should I do? For Downie 3. If you are running Downie 1. If you are having any trouble, contact their or our support.

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I have questions about using some of Downie's features. That's the best place to start. If you still have some questions, contact us using the Support button located in the bottom-right corner of the main window. I need a Downie 1.

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You can download the last v1. I need a Downie 2.

You can download the last v2. I have Downie 1. Do I have to upgrade to Downie 3? You can still happily use the version you already have, there just won't be any more updates. As Downie integrates with 3rd party services, this can mean that the integrations start breaking.

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If you wish to upgrade, please go to our Downie discount coupon generator. The upgrade offer does not expire.

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Can I use Downie on multiple computers with one license? As long as you use Downie for personal use only, you can install Downie on all of your devices. Note, however, that we limit your license's activation count to 3 activations - before reinstalling your computer or throwing it away, please, deactivate your license from Downie's menu. If you run into any issues that Downie complains about the license being used too many times, just contact us.

I need to download a video from a site that is not supported! Contact us using the Support button directly in Downie, or using the Support button at the top of the page - chances are we will add the site in the next update. You support the site, but this particular video won't download.

Astuce Mac : Extraire le son d'une vidéo

Send us the link using the Support button directly in Downie, we'll look into it and possibly fix it. I am using macOS So first, choose what environment you want to work with the program to get Music DVD tracks into. See Also: Place the DVD disc you would like to rip to.

Open the program, you will find the interface is so simple that even a novice user can master it with little time. In this step, you'll have to choose the FLAC under "Lossless Audio" category from "Profile" drop-down menu at the bottom left side of the interface.

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Next, click on "Destination" option beneath "Profile" to choose a path where your compressed FLAC file will be saved and what it is called. For advanced user, the program has lots of settings available for you to get more control over the FLAC audio that it produces channel, bit rate, sample rate. Click the "Settings" icon to the right corner of the "Profile" menu and you can access a number of custom format settings. The last step for.