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Buy a second display and connect it to your Mac. It's one of the easiest ways to trick out your Mac! Working with multiple monitors gives you more visual real estate. You'll really notice the difference when working on documents in multiple applications, and you'll have an advantage when playing certain games.

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Best of all, it's not as expensive as you think! Even if you don't happen to have an old monitor sitting around, you can usually pick one up on the cheap at most stores that sell computer products. Check Amazon's website for deals. And many fine monitors can be had for even less if found at a thrift store. The only things you'll need are the monitor itself, either a modern LCD flat screen or an older, bulky CRT monitor; a video card with a connector that matches the connector on the extra monitor; and an extra outlet on your power strip for the monitor.

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If you have a desktop Mac, and you want to add another video card, you'll also need an open PCI slot. Using multiple monitors means that you won't have larger windows overlapping smaller ones, and there won't be any need to decrease the size of larger windows to accommodate for smaller ones although pressing the function key "F9" in Mac OS X Tiger will temporarily decrease the size of all open windows to give you a preview of the open windows.

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Unfortunately, the extra monitor will take up space in your physical workspace, especially if you're using a CRT monitor, and the bigger electrical bill will shrink your wallet. Not every Mac supports multiple monitors. The Mac mini doesn't allow you to connect a second monitor, and the older iBook G4 only allows you to mirror displays more on this in a minute. Creating a comprehensive list of Macs that support multiple monitors is beyond the scope of this article.

However, you'll find a wealth of information on the Internet, and websites such as EveryMac can tell you whether your Mac supports more than one display. Most Macs will work fine with multiple monitors. However, in some cases, you'll be able to connect more than one display to your Mac, but Mac OS X will only allow you to "mirror" the displays that is, display one desktop on both monitors.

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This software modifies your version of Mac OS X to work with multiple displays. See this Macworld article for more information. Note that using Screen Spanning Doctor can void your Mac's warranty. Before you purchase a second display, you should check the connector on your Mac. This is probably the most confusing part of connecting two displays! If you have a relatively new Mac, chances are good you have at least one of these connectors:.

Obviously, it's impossible to discuss adding a second monitor to every Mac out there.

We had to pick just one Mac for this article: What follows is our experience with this older Mac model, but the process should be similar no matter what Mac you currently have. When writing this article, I wondered what should come first: Should your video card determine what type of monitor you buy? Should your monitor determine what type of video card you buy? Or should the application dictate which video card and monitor you use? The types of connectors on the monitors are also important when picking a video card.

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The top card is a Radeon by ATI. It looks similar to a a DVI port but has rounded corners. Most video cards nowadays have both a VGA port and DVI port, allowing customers to use modern video technology and tried-and-true classic monitors. If you will be using an older Apple monitor that looks like a wider version of the VGA port, you should be able to get an adapter easily that allows you to connect your older Apple monitor to a VGA port. Here's an overhead shot of both cards with the top card moved up a bit. Otherwise, you can simply purchase a PCI video card and use it with whatever Mac you have.

Some cards, such as the Radeon , are made for both Macs and PCs, but you have to be sure that you're purchasing the correct card for your platform. Some cards made for PCs can be "flashed," or have their firmware changed so they can work with Macs, but I have not done enough research on this to encourage their use. This photograph shows a top-down view of my Mac. The way to distinguish the AGP slot from others is the shorter green bracket, which is in contrast to the longer, vanilla-colored PCI slots.

The video card I'm using for this demonstration is the Radeon I'm not sure if the DVI cables are always sold separately when purchasing an LCD monitor, but I want to make potential buyers aware of this. After the startup sequence completes, the following appears:. The Mac can easily identify which monitor is which by the name of the monitor in the center of the top bar. The Radeon is my main video card and allows for screen rotation while the Radeon does not have this feature.

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That's why the "Rotate: Note that when you take a screenshot with multiple monitors connected, your Mac will take a screenshot of each monitor instead of one large screenshot. Two files will appear on the desktop:. I already had screenshots on my desktop listed as Picture 1 and Picture 2, which is why they're filed as Picture 3 and Picture 3 2.

Here's a smaller version of the entire screenshot. Notice that the main monitor has the icons on it, while the extra monitor has no icons or dock:. You can see how the top of the smaller monitor does not match the height of the main monitor.

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I would have to move the smaller blue square down a bit so that the bottom matches or is close to the bottom of the larger blue square the main monitor. Now, when my cursor is to the far right of my main monitor and I move it further right so that it disappears off of the screen, it will reappear on the left of my secondary monitor. What if I want to have the larger LCD monitor physically stacked on top of the smaller monitor? It's physically unstable, but it's not technically impossible.

If that were the case, I would configure my monitors arrangement screen like this:. My larger monitor would still have the menu bar and icons in the same place, but the smaller monitor, physically located to the right of my larger monitor, would now have the dock on the bottom of its screen. When I move the larger display on top of the smaller display, the above arrangement would fit the physical arrangement correctly. Thank you. All three of these displays use the ADC Apple Display Connector , which carries analog and digital video signals, USB data, and power in the same cable to ensure a pure signal with minimal clutter.

On June 28, , Apple introduced three new aesthetically-matching LCD flat-panel displays housed in "an all new aluminum design with a very thin bezel, suspended by an aluminum stand with an adjustable hinge that makes tilting the display almost effortless" and equipped with dual FireWire "" and dual USB 2.

Also see: What graphics cards are provided by the Power Mac G5? What is the maximum supported resolution on a primary and secondary display? Apple's industrial design for the last several years has been performed entirely in-house by Apple's Industrial Design Group, led by Jonathan Ive. There are any number of places to purchase a used Mac. To purchase upgrades, please visit site sponsor Other World Computing , which sells video cards , hard drives , memory , and more for the Power Macintosh G5 and every other Mac.