Alfredo mac and cheese bake

Bacon Alfredo Mac n' Cheese

It's gonna be something you wanna put in your mouth and, like, rub all over your body! It's just me? We're gonna be making a garlic alfredo mac and cheese. You never seen anythin' like this before. Let's get started.

Easiest Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese

First thing I wanna do in my skillet is melt, again, a little of my olive oil and three tablespoons of butter. Once that's melted, I'm going to grate in two cloves of garlic, add in a little bit of pepper, my two cups of cream. My friends, this is not light on the hips. Give that a stir and bring it up to a simmer so you see those little bubbles come through, and then I'm gonna add in half a cup of freshly grated parmesan cheese.

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Stir that through and let it reduce, and cook, and simmer for about eight to 10 minutes. Then, at that point, I'm gonna get it off the heat and stir in my mozzarella cheese. The reason I'm using mozzarella is 'cause I wanted something, like, really stringy for the mac and cheese so we can really, you know what I mean.

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Just me. Then, at this point, we are going to add in our cooked and drained macaroni.

How to Make It

Give that a stir through, make sure all those little elbows are coated. Just like that time that I was painting a wall, and I tripped and fell, and I got both my elbows in two cans of paint. All Reviews 0. Create your FlavorProfile to receive recommended recipes, review dishes and more.

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Lickety Split Alfredo Style Mac and Cheese Recipe -

I enjoy cooking, but it needs to fit my busy schedule. I don't cook regularly, but when I do, I like to impress. There's a world of cuisine out there. Select your favorites! Check all that apply.

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Creamy Mac and Cheese Alfredo

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